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The Seven Sister States additionally called "Heaven Unexplored" is a name given to the coterminous conditions of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, and Tripura in northeastern India. There is awesome ethnic and religious assorted variety inside the seven states; they additionally have similitudes in political, social and financial settings.


Arunachal as the name recommends this place is the Land of the Dawn-lit-Mountains, The sun contacts the sky of Arunachal Pradesh first before whatever remains of India. Situated in the north-eastern piece of India, its thick backwoods, snow-clad pinnacles, transcending mountains and thundering streams are heavenly attractions for the visitors. Boating, climbing, and mountaineering, daring vacationers will get all openings. Particularly, Bomdila-Tawang region is a perfect place for trekking. As it downpours for the majority of the year and winters being excessively cool, May and October is the best time for undertaking experience exercises. Additionally, this Himalayan state has rich widely varied vegetation, with in excess of 550 uncommon types of orchids and several types of uncommon plants. In Arunachal Pradesh, one of the peaceful stay in Naharlagun is Hotel Barapani residency.


Polo Park is a little professional flowerbed situated at the highest point of an edge that ignores the whole town of Naharlagun. One impossible to miss highlight of this stop guests ought not neglect to see is the stick brush, which looks somewhat like a palm, with spines on its stems, yet which is developing as a shrubbery. Additionally, there is likewise a little zoo. The zoo is located18 km from Naharlagun and close Banderdewa police check post. On the off chance that somebody needs to have carefully assembled shawls, floor coverings, cut coffins and the excellent stick and bamboo things, there is a Handicrafts Center keep running by the Industries Department which offers a significant scope of things. Additionally, Pachin River which gives a fine angling spot goes by Naharlagun. There are a lot of lodgings in Naharlagun however a peaceful stay in Naharlagun is Hotel Barapani Residency.


The Buddhist Temple: The capital of Arunachal Pradesh Itanagar has another, wonderful, yellow-roofed holy place, the Buddhist Temple. It ascends in an all around kept up ground behind a stupa bearing the picture of a priest. At one side is a tree planted by His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The grounds of the sanctuary manage the cost of a decent perspective of Itanagar town. Itanagar is a well known place for sightseers and furthermore the peaceful stay in Naharlagun is Hotel Barapani Residency. Ganga Sekhi Lake: A 6 km drive to the lake from Itanagar takes guests on a rough street through some radiantly primitive wildernesses: bamboo, orchids massed on tall trees, tree-plants are a portion of the vegetation which can be distinguished by the intrigued explorer. Halting at the base of a slope, one needs to cross a bamboo connect stunned with a bamboo tangle spreading over a duct. This prompts a trip of steps cut into the red mud of the slope. At the highest point of the edge, one looks down at a peaceful, green backwoods lake which one can cross in a paddle boat. It's a perfect lovely cookout spot.